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Louisa Van Leer


project: blue
Installation View
project: blue
View of one side of artwork. Text reads "BLUE, LIKE THE..."
project: blue
View of other side of artwork. Text reads "FEELING"

BLUE, 2005
A temporary public art installation commissioned for the annual Newhall Art Walk October 2005. Exhibited for one month, 72 in. x 120 in. x 18in (two sided)
Materials: plywood, paint, aluminum, existing sign frame, sunlight
Location: 24401 San Fernando Road, Santa Clarita, California

"BLUE" is a dynamic, temporary outdoor public art installation in Old Town Newhall that uses some very low-tech means to achieve dramatic results. "BLUE" is a sign, a sundial and a weathervane displayed on the roof of the Newhall Paint Store. Over the course of the day as the sun arcs across the sky, it casts light across the 6 foot x 10 ft artwork/sign, making a message appear in shadow. The message the viewer sees is a word play on the color "blue" that playfully links the art to its location above a paint store. As the sun rises, commuters headed southbound on San Fernando see one message in shadow and, as the sun sets on the opposite side of the piece, students headed home from school see another message. Factor in the wind, which rotates the sign like a weather vane and this creates a constantly changing piece of work.

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